Create Your Own Topology in Cisco PacketTracer

For those of you who are self-taught (learning yourself) cisco networking and want to try to create a topology in packettracker, while you don't understand how to create it in this post will help you.

Basic Topologi on Packettracker

How to create a basic topology in pakettracker. If you don't have the pakettracker application, please download it on the official web (here).

Follow the steps below :

1. Selecting the router to use

Topologi on Packettracker

 1. Choose the icon.  
2. Select router 1841 here we use a router with that serial number.
3. Pull the router up as drawn.
2. Select the switch to use.

Creating a Basic Topology

 1. Select the icon next to the router. 
2. Select swicth 2960.

3. Cabling the router to the switch.

Basic Topology

 1. Select the lightning icon.  
2. Choose straight cable. 
3. Route the cable to the router then select fastethernet01 and pull it to the swicth.
4. WIC-2T hardware installation for serial cable use.

WIC-2T hardware

 1. Turn off the power button first.  
2. Choose WIC-2T.
3. Pull to the designated section.
4. Remember to press the power button again.
Do this to all routers.

5. Serial cabling.

Serial cabling

 1. Choose the lightning icon.  
2. Select the DCE cable with the time symbol.
3. Pull from the center of the router to the right.
4. Do the same to the left side of the router as well.
5. Do it to all routers.

At this point the basic topology in cisco packettracker has been completed. How easy it is to create our own topology in cisco packettracker.

If you want to download the pkt file, you can go here.