Recovery Username and Password on Mikrotik Backup File in Linux


Of course, for a networker, you must be familiar with this proxy router device, in this case I will demonstrate how to recover the username and password in the proxy backup file.

1. Download the RouterOS-Backup-Tools file

$ git clone

2. If so, make sure to install pip3

$ sudo apt install python3-pip

3. Next we will install the required library dependencies

$ pip3 install pycryptodome

Now we just need to run the file, here I will give an example of a file that I already have. You can use the command as below and if successful it will produce output as drawn.

└─$ ls 1 ⚙

└─$ python3 /home/dig/RouterOS-Backup-Tools/ unpack -i mikrotik.backup -d mikrotik 1 ⚙
** Unpack Backup **
RouterOS Plaintext Backup
Length: 7459 bytes
Extracting backup...
Wrote 98 files pair in: mikrotik

└─$ ls 1 ⚙
mikrotik mikrotik.backup

└─$ python3 /home/dig/RouterOS-Backup-Tools/ mikrotik/user.dat 1 ⚙
User: admin

User: admin
Pass: secret900