Breached Forum Admin Announces Closure and Plans for the Future


Breached forum, a popular online platform known for its discussions on data breaches and cybersecurity, is set to be taken down by its admin. The admin, in a statement released on the forum, cited growing concerns over the security of online forums as the reason for the closure.

In the statement, the admin acknowledged that many members of the forum were disappointed by the decision to take it down. However, he emphasized that there was no value in continuing with the platform given the current state of online security.

The admin stated that while the closure of Breached might seem like the end, it was only the beginning of a new chapter. He assured members of the forum that he was planning to set up another platform for those who wanted to continue discussions on data breaches and cybersecurity.

The admin also acknowledged that some members might disagree with his decision and even hate him for it. However, he promised that what was to come would be better for everyone.

As a show of good faith, the admin requested 24 hours to rest and reflect on the next steps. He then assured members that he would be back online to discuss the way forward.

The decision to close Breached comes at a time when there is growing concern over the security of online forums. Many forums have fallen victim to data breaches in recent years, compromising the personal information of their users.

Despite the closure of Breached, the statement by the admin suggests that there is still hope for online forums that focus on cybersecurity and data breaches. The admin's commitment to setting up a new platform shows that there is still an appetite for discussions on these topics.

In conclusion, the closure of Breached is a significant development in the online cybersecurity community. While it might be disappointing for some members, the admin's plans for the future offer hope for a new and improved platform that can continue the important discussions on data breaches and cybersecurity.