Anonymous Sudan Launches DDoS Attacks on Research Websites, Twitter, and Telegram

 Anonymous Sudan Launches DDoS Attacks on Research Websites, Twitter, and Telegram

DDoS attacks have seen a significant surge this year, targeting not only regular websites but also major entities like corporations, governments, research communities, and more. One of the most active threat actors in recent weeks has been Anonymous Sudan. 

Just a few weeks ago, they targeted "," a platform used by researchers to analyze collected malware samples, and Cyberknow's Medium website. The impact of these attacks was substantial, causing both "" and "Cyberknow" official websites to go offline.

Figure 3: Twitter down by anonymous sudan

Following these incidents, on September 22, 2023, Anonymous Sudan claimed responsibility for a temporary disruption on "" On the same day, as Twitter became their target, the official website of "" also went down due to an attack by Anonymous Sudan, carried out by a group known as "Skynet." 

Figure 1: Anonymous Sudan claim ddos attack telegram

As of the time this article was written, the official Telegram website remains inaccessible, despite their claim of only launching a one-hour attack. The consequences appear to have exceeded that estimate. This situation could lead to significant losses for the Telegram company, as its operations may be disrupted due to these actions.

Figure 2: Claim bots telegram can not access

Currently, the Telegram website displays a "502 Bad Gateway" message as a result of the attack. In addition to the official Telegram website going down, it appears that the bots used on Telegram experienced temporary disruptions as well. This was also claimed by the Anonymous Sudan team in their thread.

The high level of activity by Anonymous Sudan in launching DDoS attacks is a cause for concern for all companies, as it has the potential to temporarily or even permanently disrupt systems.