Bank NTB Syariah Website Hacked by Online Gambling Operators

Bank NTB Syariah Website Hacked by Online Gambling Operators

In contemporary Indonesia, the proliferation of online gambling has emerged as a concerning issue not only among the public but also within the government. While online gambling operators heavily promote their services through various means, including ads, some resort to blackhat SEO techniques, such as purchasing backdoors or webshells from threat actors. This alarming trend poses a significant concern as it not only compromises government websites but also impacts educational institutions, public companies, and even banks.

Figure 1: Slot Goverment domain

During a comprehensive investigation, the Cyber Defense Insight team discovered that over four million websites with the "" domain were influenced by the keyword "slot," and an additional two million were associated with "slot gacor" (a term related to online slot gambling). 

Further analysis within the "" domain revealed a troubling discovery. The official website of "Bank NTB Syariah" had fallen victim to a blackhat SEO attack orchestrated by online gambling operators. Astonishingly, not just one but seven different pieces of unauthorized content had been injected into the bank's website.

Figure 2: Bank NTB Syariah hacked by online gambling

What is even more concerning is that the websites promoting online slot gambling remain active as of the time this article is being written. It appears that the owners of these websites are yet to become aware of this issue, highlighting the need for immediate mitigation and appropriate action.

The exact timeframe for when these alterations occurred remains unknown. Nonetheless, this should serve as a stark reminder to numerous companies, government entities, and educational institutions with public-facing websites to ensure robust maintenance and security measures are in place to safeguard against vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

In an age where cybersecurity is paramount, addressing the repercussions of online gambling's infiltration into various online platforms is not just an option; it's an imperative. Maintaining the integrity of digital platforms is a shared responsibility, and timely action is essential to counteract these threats effectively.