Indian Cyber Force to Launch Cyber Attacks on Indonesia, Pakistan, China in September-February

Indian Cyber Force to Launch Cyber Attacks on Indonesia, Pakistan, China in September-February

In recent times, the global landscape has witnessed a significant surge in cyber threats, encompassing data breaches, espionage, ransomware attacks, and even cyber warfare. Notably, Indonesia has found itself frequently embroiled in cyber warfare, targeting nations for a variety of reasons, including hacktivist endeavors, retaliatory actions, ideological conflicts, or other motives.

On September 3, 2023, the Indian Cyber Force group issued a detailed list of their intended targets for the period spanning from September 2023 to February 2024. This declaration was disseminated via their Telegram channel:

**"Cyber Attack Warning - Indian Cyber Force!**

**To all relevant stakeholders,**

**We hereby announce our intent to commence a series of cyber attacks targeting multiple countries. The Indian Cyber Force, with profound regret, is unveiling its meticulously planned agenda to execute a sequence of precise cyber attacks on designated dates in the forthcoming months.

The scheduled cyber attacks are delineated as follows:**

1. **Date: September 19, 2023**

   **Targeted Country: Bangladesh**

2. **Date: November 26, 2023**

   **Targeted Countries: China, Pakistan**

3. **Date: December 11, 2023**

   **Targeted Countries: Indonesia, Pakistan**

4. **Date: January 26, 2024**

   **Targeted Countries: Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia**

5. **Date: February 14, 2024**

   **Targeted Countries: Pakistan, China, Indonesia**

**~Regards - #IndianCyberForce 🔗"**

Indonesia figures prominently among their intended targets, scheduled for a cyber attack on December 11, 2023, alongside Pakistan. This development has prompted a swift and assertive response from Indonesian hacktivist groups.

hacktivist Indonesia attack india OPINDIA

In direct retaliation, on September 6, 2023, one of Indonesia's hacktivist collectives proclaimed #OPINDIA, issuing the following statement:


Note: We assume no responsibility for this; it is a response to your provocations against Indonesia. Brace yourselves; this time, the response will be more spirited than ever.



This statement appears to be directed at the impending G20 Summit event set to take place in India in September 2023. This development potentially poses a significant concern for the Indian government, given the looming cyber threats to their nation and the retaliatory actions in the form of targeting Indonesia, as outlined in India's list of targets for the year.

As of the time of composing this article, multiple Indonesian hacker groups have rallied under the banner of #OPINDIA, including HOST-KILL-CREW, JAMBI CYBER TEAM, KETAPANG GREY HAT TEAM, GANOSECTEAM, HIZBULLAH CYB3R TEAM, GARNESIA TEAM, SHARK TEAM, HACKTIVIST ACEH, and 313 TEAM "Ya Mahdi." Cyberdefenseinsight's findings suggest that these groups are affiliated under the umbrella organization known as the UNION OF GREATS.

Union Of Greats affiliated Cyber attack OPINDIA

While the Indian Cyber Force has yet to launch its anticipated attacks on Indonesia (scheduled for December 2023), #OPINDIA, initiated by Indonesian hackers, is already underway as a means of countering Indian hackers.

This development should serve as a significant cause for concern for the Indonesian government and businesses, particularly those possessing assets vulnerable to cyber attacks. Ensuring the security of assets and maintaining proper system maintenance procedures are imperative for safeguarding against potential threats and proactively ensuring system integrity.