GhostSec Launches GhostLocker, New Generation of RaaS with Military-Grade Encryption

 GhostSec Launches GhostLocker, New Generation of RaaS with Military-Grade Encryption

Recently, there has been a significant surge in ransomware attacks, emerging as a concerning trend among threat actors. This increase is driven by both the frequency of attacks and the growing number of victims falling prey to ransomware incidents.

Ransomware's proliferation isn't solely attributed to the victims; it's also fueled by threat actors who utilize it to reap substantial financial gains, particularly through RaaS (Ransomware as a Service). The RaaS sector has witnessed remarkable growth, making ransomware more accessible and adaptable for malicious actors.

Enter the scene, a threat actor by the name of GhostSec, offering a "New Generation of RaaS" named GhostLocker. In their sales pitch, GhostSec touts GhostLocker as revolutionary and enterprise-grade locking software.

GhostLocker has been finely tuned to offer a range of features to its customers, including Military-Grade Encryption on runtime and full undetectability. They even provide services to handle all negotiations arising from successful breaches.

Currently, GhostLocker is available for $999 for 15 slots during its beta phase, and the price is set to increase to $4,999 post-beta. The beta version of GhostLocker hints at potential future threats with different Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that set it apart from other ransomware, and these remain undisclosed.

Figure 1: Ghost Locker POC

In a video proof of concept they've released, GhostSec demonstrates how their custom-made malware can encrypt data and evade detection by antivirus software, including Malwarebytes.

This development underscores the growing sophistication of ransomware operations, with GhostLocker representing a prime example of the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Stay informed and vigilant to protect against these emerging threats.