Indonesian Hackers Launch Cyber Attacks on Israel Amidst Hamas Surge

Indonesian Hackers Launch Cyber Attacks on Israel Amidst Hamas Surge

In response to the recent surge in Hamas attacks on Israel, a collective of Indonesian hackers has embarked on a campaign targeting Israeli entities. This escalation in cyber warfare has seen these hackers infiltrate Israel, causing growing concern in the region.

Amidst this volatile situation, pro-Palestinian hackers have mobilized with increased vigor, coalescing under the banner of the "Community Cyber Operations Alliance Agency (C.O.A)," a newly formed Indonesian hacking consortium dedicated to supporting Palestine's cause.

The C.O.A comprises various skilled hacking groups, some of which have previously orchestrated operations under the hashtag #OPINDIA. These groups include Garnesia Team, Jawa Tengah Cyber Team, Stars X Cyber Team, Aceh About Hacked World, KETAPANG GREY HAT TEAM, GARUDA FROM CYBER, ME Venom, and Luiz Security Agency.

Since its official announcement on October 8, 2023, until the present date of October 9, 2023, Indonesian hacker collectives have unleashed a relentless barrage of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. These attacks have been directed at a multitude of Israeli government websites and select non-governmental websites, effectively disrupting their online presence.

This cyber conflict underscores the increasingly prominent role that hackers play in modern geopolitical disputes, with the international community closely monitoring developments in this digital battleground. The ramifications of these actions extend beyond the virtual realm, influencing the broader narrative surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict.